The CTETE supports four signature publications, which include:

First published in 1989 by founding editor Mark Sanders (1989-1997) and continued under the editorship of James LaPorte (1997-2010), the JTE provides a forum for scholarly discussion and publication of research focused on technology and engineering education. The JTE publishes research articles, theoretical/philosophical concept papers, book reviews, editorials, comprehensive literature reviews, and reactions to previously published work. The JTE is managed by the Editors (Dr. Mary Annette Rose and Dr. Jim Flowers) and by the JTE Management Board, which includes the ITEEA Executive Director and President, and the CTETE Past President.

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The Yearbook series began in 1952 with publication of the Inventory-Analysis of Industrial Arts Teacher Education Facilities, Personnel and Programs, with subsequent publications produced nearly every year since then. Each Yearbook focuses on a theme of interest to the membership. Prospective Yearbook editors propose concept, and later full, proposals. If accepted, these proposals become multi-chapter books focused on the Yearbook theme. The Yearbook series is managed by the Past President and by a team of ten members, who each serve five-year terms.

Monographs are occasional publications that provide opportunities for expanded treatment of topics of current interest that affect technology teacher education programs at the undergraduate or graduate level. Monographs are authored or edited by members of the Council and have often stemmed from work completed by CTETE committees.

First published in 2018 by founding editor John Wells, the RMS is an annual publication dedicated to supporting new and emerging scholars in establishing their academic presence through contributions to global discussions about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education reform. As a refereed publication sponsored by the Research and Scholarship (R&S) Committee of the CTETE, the RMS aims to promote scholarly discussion of the connections among the Technology Education (TE), Technology and Design Education (TDE), and Technology and Engineering Education (T&EE) fields, and their place within the expanding global discourse about teaching and learning within the integrative STEM education. The RMS is managed by Editor John Wells (Virginia Tech), chair of the CTETE Research and Scholarship Committee.