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College of Technology
Department of Applied Engineering and Technology Management
Technology Center 201
Terre Haute, IN 47809

Contact Person
Dr. Kara Harris, 812-237-9633

Program Focus
• Technology and Engineering Education

Degrees Offered
• B.S. – Technology and Engineering Education
• M.S. – Career and Technical Education
• Ph.D. – Industrial Technology Education

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Program Description
The Technology and Engineering Education (TEE) degree program prepares persons to teach in the areas of communications, construction, manufacturing, biotechnology, and transportation. The content is derived extensively from technology and the impact that technology makes on society and the environment. Persons desiring teaching licensure for the secondary schools of Indiana must meet the requirements of the Technology and Engineering Education major under the teaching curriculum.

Purdue University, Polytechnic Institute Logo

155 South Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2114

Contact Person
Dr. Todd Kelley, 765-496-2383

Program Focus
• Engineering Technology Teacher Education (ETTE): Integrated STEM education focus

Degrees Offered
• B.S. – Engineering-Technology Teacher Education
• M.S. – Technology Leadership and Innovation (STEM Education Leadership specialization)
• Ph.D. – Technology Leadership and Innovation (Engineering-Technology Teacher Education specialization)

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Program Description
The Engineering/Technology Teacher Education (ETTE) Program, founded in 1908, was the first teacher education program established on Purdue campus. For over a century the ETTE program has adapted to meet the needs of technology teacher education. The ETTE Program is housed in the Purdue Polytechnic, in conjunction with the College of Education, to prepare secondary engineering/technology education teachers for America’s 21st century schools. Purdue’s ETTE program was named as the nation’s outstanding Engineering and Technology Teacher Education Program by the Association for Career and Technical Education five times. In 2018, ETTE faculty were awarded the Gerhard Salinger Award For Enhancing I-STEM Education Through Technological/Engineering Design-Based Instruction. The ETTE faculty also lead a Design and Innovation minor for Purdue Polytechnic.

The ETTE faculty, Drs. Asunda, Bartholomew, Kelley, Mentzer and Strimel have received 10 grants in K-12 STEM education, worth nearly $10 million. They have collectively published over 61 refereed articles, won 10 research and scholarship awards, and have been honored 15 times for excellence in teaching/service. ETTE faculty research includes: engineering design, integrated STEM education, and design assessment. At the graduate level, there are multiple graduate research and teaching assistantships available.