Annette Rose, 2019 Technology and Engineering Teacher Educator of the Year

Scott Warner and Sharon Brusic, accepting the Gerhard Salinger Award for 2019 on behalf of their team from Millersville University.

In an effort to promote and recognize excellence in technology teacher education, the CTETE currently sponsors four awards programs:

Technology and Engineering Teacher Educator of the Year Award
Our signature award, we annually recognize one individual, nominated by the membership, whose contributions in teaching, research, and service to the progression have been exemplary. The awardee for 2019 was Dr. Annette Rose of Ball State University.

Outstanding Research Award
Recognizes one member (or members, if co-authored) annually for outstanding contributions in published research. The 2019 awardee was Dr. Andrew J. Hughes of California State University, San Bernardino.

Silvius-Wolansky Award
Co-sponsored by the G. Harold Silvius Foundation and the CTETE, this award is presented annually to an author (or co-authors) whose scholarship has enhanced the Technology and Engineering Education profession. The 2019 awardee was .

Gerhard Salinger Award
Co-sponsored with the ITEEA, this award is given to an individual or team of collaborators whose work has effectively promoted the use of technological/engineering design-based education at the K-12 level. The 2019 winners of this award were Drs. Sharon Brusic, Scott Warner, and colleagues from Millersville University.