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University of Wisconsin-Stout
Technology Education

Program Leader: Dr. Brian McAlister

E-Mail: mcalisterb@uwstout.edu

Degree’s Offered: Bachelors

Program Web Page: http://www.uwstout.edu/programs/bste/

Program Description: The Technology Education program at UW-Stout combines general education with technical and professional studies. Through study of broad areas such as communication, construction, manufacturing, transportation, and engineering, aspiring teachers learn about modern technologies and how they are put to use in everyday settings. Through extensive lab work, actual contact with students and practicing teachers, and student teaching and optional work experiences, students in the program have a chance to apply the principles of design, mathematics, and science learned in coursework to authentic situations that correlate directly with the requirements and opportunities of a professional technology educator. Completion of the Technology Education program requirements leads to junior and senior high teaching certification in all 50 states. With required work experience and a few additional classes, graduates may also become certified to teach in a vocational and technical college settings.