The Ohio State University
STEM Education/ Technology and Engineering Education

Program Leader: Dr. Paul E. Post

E-Mail: post.1@osu.edu

Degree’s Offered: Masters, Ed.S., Doctoral (Ed.D.or PhD)

Program Web Page: http://ehe.osu.edu/teaching-and-learning/

Program Description: Currently offering a Master of Arts program in Engineering and Technology Education and PhD/EdS programs in STEM-Technology Education and Engineering Education. Graduate assistantships are available. The STEM education faculty group includes both longstanding and emerging leaders in their fields, and the broader University community offers extraordinary opportunities for STEM education faculty and students to collaborate with scientists, engineers, and mathematicians on and off campus. The STEM Technology and Engineering Education Area of Study faculty are from both the School of Teaching and Learning and the College of Engineering. We are seeking doctoral students who want to promote increased technological literacy and improve engineering and technology education. Doctoral studies in our technology and education program provide a solid core of research and curriculum skills. Our program can be tailored to meet your goals, whether you seek to pursue a career in engineering education, technology education, integrated STEM education, or some interdisciplinary specialty. Whatever focus you choose, our program emphasizes strong preparation in the relevant disciplines of technology and engineering education; foundational studies in cognition, learning, and educational contexts; and scholarly experiences in designing, conducting, and reporting relevant research. Our students come from a wide range of institutions around the world, and our alumni serve in a variety of university positions, as well as positions in government and industry. They are faculty, researchers, teacher education specialists, curriculum developers, authors, and advocates of technological literacy at all levels.

Ohio Northern University
Technology Education

Program Leader: Dr. David Rouch

E-Mail: d-rouch@onu.edu

Degree’s Offered: Bachelors, Certificate or Licensure

Program Web Page: http://onu.edu/academic_program/at_a_glance_technology_education

Program Description: Ohio Northern University’s Technology Teacher Education program is one of the few Private University programs in the country. The mission of the department is to graduate leaders that pursue life-long learning, possess a high degree of technological literacy, and the ability to implement and manage emerging technologies to benefit the world. The teacher education program is NCATE accredited and is housed in up-to-date and well-equipped instructional laboratory areas, including the Robotics Center of Excellence and the Digital Manufacturing and Simulation lab. Students in the program are highly motivated and are expected to be professionally active in local, state, and national organizations. Students regularly participate in undergraduate research experiences and are mentored by faculty to be leaders in their profession by collaborating with state and national research presentations.