Standing Committees

  • Accreditation: Paul Post
    • CTETE Liaison – President, Clark Greene
  • JTE Management Board: Annette Rose and Jim Flowers (Editors)
    • CTETE Liaison – Past President, Steve Shumway
  • Nominations and Elections: CTETE Past President, Steve Shumway
  • Yearbook Committee: CTETE Past President, Steve Shumway
  • Technology Teacher Educator of the Year: CTETE Past President, Steve Shumway

Strategic Committees

  • Curriculum:– Scott Bartholomew (Chair)
    CTETE Liaison – Vice President, Todd Kelley
  • Research and Scholarship: Fred Figliano (Chair)
    CTETE Liaison – President, Steve Shumway
  • Marketing: Tyler Love (Chair)
    CTETE Liaison –Secretary, Bradley Bowen
  • Teacher Preparation– Daniel Kelly (Chair)
    CTETE Liaison – Treasurer, Josh Brown
  • Leadership Development: Aaron Clark & Rod Thompson (Co-chairs)
    CTETE Liaison – Past President, Charles McLaughlin

Committee Documents