CTETE Outstanding Research Award

Dr. Reuben S. Asempapa – Penn State: Harrisburg

Dr. Tyler Love– Penn State: Harrisburg

Teaching Math Modeling through 3D-Printing: Examining the Influence of an Integrative Professional Development”

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Silvius/Wolansky Outstanding Publication Award

Dr. Scott Bartholomew: Brigham Young University
Dr. Nathan Mentzer: Purdue University
Matthew Jones: Purdue University
Derek Sherman: Purdue University
Sweta Baniya: Virginia Tech

“Learning by evaluating (Lbe) through adaptive comparative judgement”

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Gerhard Salinger Award for Enhancing I-STEM Education Through Technological Engineering Design-Based Instruction

Dr. Nathan Mentzer: Purdue University

Dr. Andrew Jackson:University of Georgia

Mr. Ryan Novitski: ITEEA STEM Center

Dr. Rebecca Kramer-Bottiglio: Yale University

Title of Project: “Soft Robotics to Broaden the STEM Pipeline”

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The 2022 CTETE Technology and Engineering Teacher Educator of the Year Award

Aaron Clark: North Carolina State University

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